《Pathfinder 2e Spell List》软件介绍

Find quickly and free the spell of the Second edition of the fantasy game Pathfinder!Stop browse the book for hours and slow down each session, open the app, type the name of the spell and within seconds you'll have all the details.You can also use the comfortable filters to help in your search, you can filter for:-Classes-Subclasses-Level of spell-School of spell-ActionYou can combine filters to achieve the desired result.In addition to the list and search, you can create a spellbook for each of your character, so you can quickly pick up the spells used.Each spellbook can be customized by name, race, class, subclass and color.The app contains the official spells of the Pathfinder 2nd edition from Core Rulebook.The app requires an internet connection at the first start.The app will present one in-app purchase:-unlock the ability to create infinite spellbooks. Support the development of this app!If you have any suggestions for improving the app, please contact us at turn.appsolution@gmail.comThank you for downloading our app