《Bernie Stickers & Emojis》软件介绍

Bernie Stickers & Emojis is an iMessage Sticker Pack providing over 100 premium stickers with faces, phrases, expressions, and GIFs of Bernie Sanders. You can use the Bernie Stickerpack to express your feelings in any conversation.This sticker pack comes with 100+ stickers in the following categories:+GIFS: Animated Bernie stickers that move...Bernie in motion!+Face Emojis: Cutout Faces of Bernie to express yourself in any conversation +Gestures: Cutout Faces and Gestures of Bernie to go a bit farther in expression+Phrases: Phrases and objects of all popular Bernie-isms and FandomExpress yourself with the words and expressions of Bernie and Bernie supporters!Peel and place stickers on anything in your conversation - bubbles, images, and even other stickers.This 100+ sticker pack is YUUUUGE as Trump would say.-------------------------------------------------Disclaimer: This application is not in any way associated with Bernie Sanders, or any organization affiliated with him. This application is not meant to have a political position. Feel free to delete the app whenever you desire, including if you are offended.