《Toolbox Pro for Shortcuts》软件介绍

Toolbox Pro gives you more than 50 powerful new actions to use within Apple’s Shortcuts app.Tools include the latest iOS 13 technologies:• iOS document scanner• Lightning-fast, on-device text recognition (OCR)• TouchID/FaceID authentication• NFC Read + Write• Image filters• The Preview Tool lets you present text, images, rich URLs & interactive maps with flexible layouts. Add your own buttons to create your own app-like experience• Global variables let you store data between shortcuts and devices• Menu creator• Icon generator• Recognise objects in images using machine learning• Get current motion of device (driving, walking etc)• Use haptic feedback in your shortcuts (on supported devices)• Full-screen text input box• Remove duplicates from list• Quick-match text before, after or between words• Device details like orientation/is dark mode on/is audio playingAnd many, many more.Use lots of tools for *FREE*, unlock everything with a single in-app purchase. Lots more tools in development.You can find detailed descriptions of what each tool does in the app along with lots of example shortcuts to get you started.This app supports dark mode, voice control and dynamic type.Privacy policy: I don’t store any of your data or track you. (Read more: www.toolboxpro.app/privacy-policy)