《Spider Solitaire ◦》手游介绍

Spider Solitaire is one of the most popular versions of solitaire. Rediscover it on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, with this game of unequalled playability in the Appstore!Discover a complete and enjoyable version of spider solitaire, and join thousands of other players who are already online.- "This spider solitaire is so much better than the others in terms of playability. Amazing!"- "Great app! I'll definitely tell my friends to get it too!"NEW FEATURES- Customize your game with new cards and boards ! - A brand new Premium inApp, with exclusive cards and boards ! - Full of new statistics to analyse your games ! DIFFERENT GAME MODES - Three difficulty settings - have fun whether you're a newbie or an expert at spider solitaire!- Play in portrait or landscape modeMULTI-FUNCTIONALITY- Customize your cards and boards- Your turn will be saved automatically - Unlimited cancellations of your previous turns- Intelligent help- No interference with spider solitaire and iPod playback OPTIMAL PLAYABILITY- Slide and place cards easily - Touch card to move it automatically- Automatically completes finished parts of spider solitaire